Wake Up! and play their other albums

Thanks to their ridiculously catchy hit, Wake Up, Boo!, the Boo Radleys will forever be associated with ginger twat Chris Evans’ annoying radio breakfast show jingle, rather than the great string of genre-defying albums that they left behind like 1998’s Kingsize – their final release.

With 1993’s ‘I know let’s do a White Album for the 90s’ Giant Steps, composer Martin Carr slightly over-egged the pudding, but on Kingsize, he truly came into his own, crafting a skewed pop masterpiece.

For a start, one of the tunes is called Jimmy Webb is God – what more do we have to say?
Just like Carr, we too worship at the shrine of the genius songwriter. "I’m not fit to even tune your guitar, oh Jimmy," coos Boos vocalist Sice over a blend of Easy Listening horns and Wichita Lineman strings. Just as you’re thinking it can’t get any better, Carr drops in a Glen Campbell style twangin’ guitar break – awesome!
Kingsize is truly a schizophrenic beast. One minute it’s Burt Bacharach, the next it’s The Aphex Twin, which makes for distinctly uneasy listening.

On Blue Room In Archway, cinematic orchestral arrangements snake around techno beats with devastating results.
"Sad songs are easier to play," sings Sice on the The Old Newsstand At Hamilton Square (only Martin Carr can make a trip to the shops to buy the Sunday papers into a heartbreaking experience) – and on this album, The Boos included some of their most moving, melancholy moments.

Monuments For A Dead Century is lovely – Nick Drake and Brian Wilson going for a summer stroll in the English countryside – while the epic, overblown ballad Song From The Blueroom is simply stunning, thanks to its poignant lyrics and Vegas lounge backing.
Largely ignored when it came out, Kingsize is The Boo Radleys’ strongest album – a mind-blowing mix of melody and mayhem.
Wake up and smell the coffee.


One Response to “Wake Up! and play their other albums”

  1. David Says:

    I’d have to recommend C’mon Kids as an absolute classic album too. Total genius, if a little scary at times.

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