Scott Walker interview

ScottScott Walker is often dubbed with many superlatives. Genius. Recluse. Awkward interviewee. Too cool fer school… and Scott’s 1,2,3 and 4 are bona-fide genius-work.

Well, Scott has a new LP on the market by the name of ‘The Drift’, and he needs to start doing those interview things once again, and thankfully, Mojo Music Mag managed to catch up with him.

Ian Harrison, the man lucky enough to catch up with Sir Walker, sees the enigmatic singer in jovial mood.

Walker talks of using pork as percussion, his hiatus out of the limelight (although Walker is at pains to point out that he produced Pulp’s ‘We Love Life’ album, hosted a Meltdown festival and worked on the Pola X soundtrack since his last album, Tilt) and how he’d be in Radiohead if he could have his time over.

It makes for fascinating reading, and an excerpt can be found on Mojo’s website. Sadly for all you tight of fist out there, you’ll have to part with your £3.95 to get it all.

[Mof Gimmers]


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