Leo Sayer’s debut album

Leosayer"Hang about! You must be on crack! Surely not? Leo… Sayer?"

That’s right. If you go down to the charity shops today, chances are you’ll get lucky and find Leo Sayer’s debut LP.

The album, with startling silver sleeve, contains some cracking little tunes.

Prog pop is the best way to describe ‘Silverbird’…

Sayer in 1973 was a different creature to what he’s widely known for now. This long player hasn’t even considered ridiculous pop-disco.

Much like The Bee Gee’s ‘1st’, it is difficult to imagine an artist doing anything else. However, this debut from Leo sees him creating powerful and dramatic singer-songwritery material, such as the stunning ‘Why is Everybody Going Home?’ and the killer single ‘The Show Must Go On’. Don’t get the latter confused with the rubbish Queen tune.

It would seem that Sayer’s first outing was filled with grief and regret. Obsessing about the ‘tears of a clown’. The trouble songwriter putting up a good show for his audience.

On first listen to this… with macho guitar work and soaring string sections, it takes you a million miles away from the thought of Sayer wobbling about singing ‘You Make Me Feel Like Dancing’, or disappearing under some gym mats on a Vic&Bob show.

This is something that no good record collection should be without. Mosty because of the fact that when you have visitors ’round, you can pull out the Leo LP, what their horrified faces, then smugly blow them away with a beautiful powerful pop album.

Go. Get hunting in the charity shops. And pay no more than £3.

[Mof Gimmers]


One Response to “Leo Sayer’s debut album”

  1. Peter Says:

    Although I am a big Leo Sayer fan, I have to say that Queen’s “The Show Must Go On” is miles better than Mr Sayers.

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