What happened to Rick Witter?

Rick_witter_lThere’s no way of doing an impression of Rick Witter’s singing voice in text. I can try, but I’ll probably fail.

"You wouldn’t speak fer a milleeeuuurrn…. give me yer honest opiniuuuurn"

See, failed. Nevermind all that. Did Rick Witter ever end up on the dole after the demise of indie lightweights Shed Seven? Well, no… it seems all simian boy Witter is on the comeback trail with his new band Rick Witter and The Dukes. If there are any fans of the Sheds out there (and I’m sure there are), you’ll be pleased to know that his new band sound exactly like his old one. Complete with nonesense lyrics and jaunty guitars. To hear them, follow this link and download their demo.

[Mof Gimmers]


5 Responses to “What happened to Rick Witter?”

  1. sean hannam Says:

    It’s fellow Pop Junkie scribe Sean, here…My fave headline from NME was when Witter threw a drumkit out of the Shed 7 tour van onto the motorway – ‘You can’t get thicker than a shit Rick Witter!’


  2. gjg Says:

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