Gilbert O’Sullivan – The World’s Lost Treasure

Gilbert_osullivan__greatest_hits_1Gilbert O’Sullivan is much derided by the muso mafioso up and down the country. Wrongly. This is a songwriter that has a scandalous amount of killer tunes under his belt. The trouble is, sometimes he has fun, which, in the land of the chin stroker is a no-no.

For you fools missing out on this rare and precious talent, get down to your local charity shop and dig everything you possibly can. He’s been left on the scrapheap by people who just don’t understand great pop.

For the uninitiated, Gilbert O’Sullivan’s Greatest Hits (not to be confused with the recent Berry Vest Of…) is the best place to start. This is guaranteed to be found for a quid in your local Oxfam. String after string of beautiful songs dripping in Axelrod styled orchestra, coupled up with fantastic boogie. ‘Nothing Rhymed’ is without doubt one of the finest faux psychedelic singer-songwriter songs ever made, with a middle section that will melt your heart. There is also the wonderful ‘Alone Again Naturally’ which is as gritty as any Ken Loach doc, but sweet on the ear. There is also the wry side to O’Sullivan with the joyous romp of ‘Matrimony’ which features the stunning line of;

"I don’t wish to hurry you love, but have you seen the time, it’s quarter to ten and we’re supposed to be there at nine. I don’t think the registrar will be very pleased when we show up an hour late like two frozen peas"

Get Down is probably what he is best known for (something to do with the weird Top of the Pops re-enactment featuring a Blood Hound sweltering under the hot studio lights. Unfortunately, this compilation doesn’t feature the fabulous arse groover that is ‘Too Much Attention’, which can be found on the cracking ‘As Himself’.

On your dinner break tomorrow, or at the weekend, go to the charity shops and fill up on Gilbert. You won’t be sorry one bit. And remember, smiiiiile.[Mof Gimmers]

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