Psychedelia hits the pre schoolers

RogRoger Whittaker. Long famed (and derided) for his mentalist whistling. In the 80s, he had a dour hit but this hasn’t always been so.

For lovers of smooth folky pop, Roger has performed some tremendous feats. On the quite-hard-to-find early years comp, Rog performed killer TexMex on the ‘Santianno’, killer kid-beat with ‘Mud Puddle’ and genuinely heart stopping melancholia with the tear mongering ‘Jenny’s Gone’, which features a string section usually reserved for a Walker Brothers smash. Then, Rog’ took a cool assed turn into psychedelic children’s records.

The Magical World of Roger Whittaker is a prized possession in my record box. I even named a night of mine in honour of his version of Google-Eye. Google-Eye, initially made famous by the Nashville Teens (who hit big with Tobacco Row) is, when Whittaker does it, everything that is lauded by beat collectors when digging ‘English Sparrows’ by Paul Parrish. Fat enough bass, clunky, jerking jazz/folk drums and best of all, a killer chorus that once heard, is never lost.

The LP contains more than just a song about a fish. Also featured on this gem of an LP is the wonderful insane whistle of ‘Whistle Stop’, the theme from a show he did way back when. It kicks off with a super duper latin influenced acoustic guitar, followed by Rog’s trilling. Then it all goes off with bouncing bass lines, marimbas and cheeky drumfills.

Aside for the tunes aimed at the dance floor, there is the all-done-in-under-a-minute ‘Boa Constictor’ which is a dark tale about being eaten by a snake made lovely.

Get your hands on a copy of this, drop your guard and let Roger Whittaker take you on a diet psychedelic ride. You’ll thank me for this one day.[Mof Gimmers]


4 Responses to “Psychedelia hits the pre schoolers”

  1. GABE ACOSTA Says:

    Where can I find a copy of this record? If anybody knows….please help. I remember listening to this record when I was little and have been searching for a copy for when I have “little ones”. Thanks

  2. mof gimmers Says:

    I found a copy on ebay for you, that is very reasonable in price


  3. GABE Says:

    Just missed it! 😦
    Thank you so much though.

  4. Jamie Says:

    I remember this record album when I was just a kid. I had found the songs on the internet P2P site. If this album becomes available on please email me right away. I really want to get this album

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