A dip into future Rock’n’Roll with The Kiss Off

TkoFor lovers of all things loud, fast, adreniline fuelled and above all, snotty, chnces are you’re missing the advent of bands like the MC5 or The Seeds. Maybe you tried your ears on other things, but still had the meatheaded punk howl inside demanding kicks and quick. You want scuzz, blood and fuzz guitar don’t you?

Well fear not. A band have come along to answer your filthiest prayer in the form of Bolton’s most bad-assed band… The Kiss Off.  of  I caught up with lead yelper Boardy to see what’s going on.

Pop Junkie
Live, you’re a pig’s ear… a cracking mesh of noise, howl’s and proper pre
seventies punk… how would you describe the sound of The Kiss Off?

 The Kiss Off’s Boardy –Two
fingers of fuzz.

PJ – You lot seem like natural succesors to
the garage punk throne to me. That said, there are a load of half arsed indie
bands claiming to be ‘garage punk’ like Pete Doherty’s shambolic lot. Are you a
more authentic garage punk band or what?

TKOB – Were not authentic garage punk- that
was a specific mid-sixties sound with ‘Back From The Grave’ – although we do
share an energy with that kind of stuff. Dohertys got more in common with
freakshows, the Crossroads motel, P.T. Barnum and Hello Magazine- which are all
pretty much the same thing when you think about it. We prefer being referred to
as a rock’n’roll band, as that’s something that hasn’t died out, just mutated
through loads of wild and weird strains. Punk, surf, garage its all just

PJ – When watching The Kiss Off, it’s hard not
to see MC5, The Cramps and Screamin’ Jay Hawkins in there, cuz of all that
voodoo and aggression. Is that the point of TKO?

TKOB – All those bands put on a show and we
try to do that as well – thats what its all about. If youre on the town having
a beer trying to forget the misery of your job, your bills or your exams, you
dont want to see some mooning whiner. If youre gonna moan at least moan with a
bit of fire. Miserable swines just make you feel worse, remind you of your
troubles and you can stay in and do that for free. What you really need is to
see someone getting crazy cos thats gonna get your adrenaline flowing, remind
you that your alive and that life should be enjoyed. Too many bands forget that
these days, or worse still remember it but think that excitement is created by
flashy playing without passion or inspiration. We all love primitive music.
Theres nothing wrong with knowing how to play your instrument, just as long as
you dont let technique take over. Muso bores should be publicly shot, to ensure
they at least provide the rest of us with some entertainment. Theyre just as
bad as some moaning sod telling us how his parents dont understand him and how
his life is over ‘cos his maths homework is late. Maggots.

PJ – Now, you’re from Bolton. Does playing,
writing and gigging in Bolton buy you a freedom that you can’t get in a city?

TKOBThere’s a freedom in that you get a
chance to learn your craft before heading off to the bright lights of
Manchester or wherever. Theres also a great sense of community on the Bolton
scene …check out http://www.boltonmusic.co.uk for example… that I’m not sure you
could get somewhere bigger. Most bands know each other, share gear, help out,
advise, offer opinions. The crowds at gigs are mostly smaller in numbers but
dont suffer as much from the "too cool for school" attitude thats
quite common in a bigger city. This means you get a great atmosphere at a lot
of gigs and also that people are more forgiving of mistakes, bust equipment,
new songs that don’t work etc. The downside is that theres not as many people
into live music, so sometimes you run the risk of gigs being empty. Also, the
stuff were into (Crypt Records, In The Red Records) isnt even that popular
worldwide, so theres even less rocknroll maniacs to attract in a place the size
of Bolton. Sometimes people dont really seem to grasp what were trying to do-
get drunk and get crazy. On the whole, the good outweighs the bad.

PJ – Fair enough. Got any plans to get in the studio
and release a record?

TKOBWe’re about to record some stuff at
the warehouse where we rehearse with one of our mates, Darren Riley a.k.a.
Pancho Ballard (google it). Well hopefully come out with something that we can
self-release, possibly on vinyl. T.K.O.= D.I.Y.

PJ – Got anything we can hear now?

(some bloggers nicked The Kiss Off, so weve gone with what we reckon most
people call us anyway), or the seriously unfinished http://www.thekissoff.co.uk.

PJ – As an aside, I hear a rumour about one of
your band. Is it true that one of the TKO members has a football mascot for a

TKOBYes. Our bassist, The Pest,  is
an interloper into our glorious county from Yorkshire (boo!), where his dad is
(in)famous as Bradford
City mascot The City Gent
. He gets to wear a Bradford City strip, a bowler
hat and carry a briefcase. Despite being unencumbered by an oversize animal
costume like all other footie mascots, I believe he is yet to win the annual
mascots foot race.

PJ – What next for The Kiss Off?

TKOBWe’ve got a tune coming out on the
forthcoming Static Recordings ( http://www.myspace.com/staticrecords or
http://www.staticparty.com ) comp Killed By England, alongside some great bands Black
Time, Real Losers, Hipshakes. (Actually, theres a genius track on the b-side of
the Hipshakes debut single on Slovenly called In The Summer, that shows up
Doherty for the fraud he is. It’s on their Myspace page under two minutes and a
classic -give it a listen.). Weve got a gig coming up at the Dog and Partridge
in Bolton on June 29th, supporting US punk band The Clorox Girls. The other
bands on the bill are fantastic spazz rockers Corinthians and go-go ass swingers
The Stags, both from exotic Wigan.

Were also looking at getting out and about a bit
more, as weve realised we quite like going to strange places, getting drunk and
making fools of ourselves. We dont really play that many gigs cos some of the
band work funny shifts or have family commitments (we’re old). Plus we dont
want to be pop stars, so maybe we dont have the drive that glory hunters have.
We all think it should be a bit of a laugh, really.


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