New John Stammers Single

Stammers_1Few in the present climate are equipped to deal with the beautiful subtlety that acid folk requires. A quick glance at the Green Man Festival line-up shows that we’re all still looking to the past for folk mastery. Donovan, Jansch and all the usual crew. That said, deep in the most unfashionable (and therefore most real) bits of Manchester, there is a handsome young gent creating a quiet revolution.

John Stammers (also on the Green Man line-up) is without doubt, the UK’s single torch carrier for the ghost of Pentangle, Dando Shaft and Nick Drake. He’s also releasing a single on the ace Gardensticks record label, called The Fridge. John Stammers will also be touring the nation!

You can catch John live on the following dates;

June 1st   Rain or Shine -The Britons Protection  Manchester
June 3rd  Windmills of your mind -The Brixton Windmill London
June 6th   Down The Red Bricks – Push Bar London
June 19th Matt & Freds   Manchester
July 10th  Night & Day   Manchester
July 11th  93 Feet East  London
August  18th The Green Man Festival

There is more info on Stammers and Gardensticks in general on the ‘Sticks website. The pressing is limited so don’t wait.[Mof Gimmers]


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