Q&A with former Hurricane merchant

Alex_lowe_1Not too long ago, the record label known as Creation was the best thing ever to happen to spotty indie kids. One outfit on McGee’s plaything was Hurricane (latterly #1 after the Beastie Boys DJ got uppity). The singer from the group (and former boxer if I remember rightly) Alex Lowe is back on track and releasing  solo records. So Sean Hannam had a little chat with him.

Former Hurricane 1 front-man, Alex Lowe, has been making solo records for the last few years, but his latest effort, Step Forward All False Prophets, is a real departure for him, as it heralds a new alt-country direction. I had a chat with him about preachers, angels, whores and devils.

Why make a country album?

AL – I have always been into that country style – I like Dylan, Tom Petty, Gram Parsons, Jayhawks, Wilco, Uncle Tupelo, Sonvolt. I always wanted to make an acoustic album and I am glad I have finally got the chance to do this. I didn’t have a chance in hell when I was with Hurricane 1 to really do what I always wanted to do. I don’t think it’s country as such, but I do think it’s quite alternative, as the lyrics are mostly based on strange events. I am really proud of the lyrics – they’re my best yet.

What influenced the album?

AL – Dylan – for sure! I have always liked Dylan, but over the past few months I have dug deep and found out more about him. While I was making the new album, all I listened to was Dylan and Tom Petty. My favourite Dylan song is A Hard Rain’s Gonna Fall – amazing.

Are you a fan of Johnny Cash?

AL – There are no words to describe the man – he was a total rock ‘n’ roll icon. He was a dirty angel – that’s the way I describe him!

Tell me about some of the stories behind the songs.

AL – It’s funny, but if you listen to the album there is a very spiritual nature about the whole thing. I am not a religious person at all, but there is a sense of a higher being in these songs. They’re all to do with angels, preachers, whores, saving people, gunfights and the Devil! I wrote the whole album in five days – I was on a roll.

Are you pleased with the album?

AL – I’m very pleased I just want people to hear it. I don’t care if it sells or not – I just want one person to love it. Let’s hope it’s not a lost classic – I don’t want to turn into a Nick Drake type person. That would be a bummer![Sean Hannam]

For more information go to http://www.alexlowemusic.com


2 Responses to “Q&A with former Hurricane merchant”

  1. davie Says:

    Alex lowe to me is an amzing songwriting craftsman!!!
    The lost genius in Hurricane#1.
    I have been on his website and downloaded the few songs he has on there available AMAZING!

    lets hope someone catches a glimpse of his brilliance,
    and he doesnt fall low to the Devil and Nic Drake!


  2. Diesel Says:

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