Super Garage Comp! Cry of Atlantis is here…

Dionysus Records have done it again. Unearthed a killer bunch of super snotty garage punkers to unhinge your wig and flip your feet wrongways.

On the back of an ace Mike and the Ravens comp, and the fabulous forerunner, Heart So Cold, Cry of Atlantis surpasses expectation. And some.

Your new floor filler has arrived.

The comp, put together like a primative space craft, by Will Shade at Baccus archives, kicks off the shindig with The Rockers’ ‘Rock, Rock, Rocket Ship’. Proto Garage, dirged-down sounds, and stomping 4/4 swing… something that The Cramps would be proud to cover and mangle. The tag of the LP is "The North Country Scene ’58-’67", which just about does the collection justice. A perfect snapshot (or should that say rimshot?) of the fleeting lifespan of vintage garage. Covering sweet and simple rock’n’roll with The Vistas (a new one on me), and tuffer than tuff instrumentals from the ear teasing Thunderbolts.

The Vistas are a strange group of ‘yoofs’… taking are definite surf approach to their garage stylings. They let up on the girl tremblers for the hammond overload of ‘Look Out Hawaii!’ which is surely about to grace dancefloors of Tiki bars and Go-Go hanuts all over the shop.

The best find on the LP is the jaw-slap of ‘Drop Your Drawers’ by The Inmates. Recorded live, with filthy fuzzed up guitar, hammered drumkit, and a primal howl of pure perfect punk. This is a song that demands a wider audience… DJs, take note… your brand new floor filler has arrived. In fact, the same could be said of the whole compilation. Each cut feels brand spanking… the repro of the sound has been done with immense love and care (where many garage comps fall down) and each knuckled snare, each tinny guitar and gurgled sax leaps from the speakers to paste your chops all over the room. Basically, buy this LP now. You’re a mug if you don’t.[Mof Gimmers]


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