Brian Jonestown Massacre Live – King’s College London

Brianjonestownmassacre041030 Possibly, no make that indisputably, the best-named band of all time, The Brian Jonestown Massacre are spending much of the early Summer in Europe playing prestiege venues such as, err, Stoke’s Sugar Mill .

I caught up with them on Tuesday at their King’s College London gig. True to form lead singer Anton Newcombe was, well, combative. He started berating the crowd even before the band had played a note and only ceased when the band disappeared a couple of hours later. In between the tirades, not just against the audience but also aimed at band members and roadies, was some of the most incredible sixties influenced music ever.

Sure they lose a little subtlely live, especially as Newcombe doesn’t get to play any of his many weird and wonderful stringed instruments, but the BJT more than make up for it with the sheer power of their music.

Imagine what the Velvets must have sounded like in 67 then whack in some wonderfully  psychey  Byrds style guitar and you have the BJT live. They played it pretty safe too treating the band to all their favourites including astonishing Swallowtail with its turbocharged guitar finale and the classic space rock of That Girl Suicide.

They have a few other dates lined up including an appearance at a Welsh jousting festival,  no honestly, and a date at the revamped Camden Place  – the fabulous Koko. 

First timers should check out the movie Dig, and rush out and buy this and enjoy these vids.


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