“Thing” by Edwina Biglet and the Miglets

GlitterEdwina Biglet and the Miglets is not your usual band name. Neither is their song ‘Thing’. ‘Thing’ is one of those annoying records that isn’t really worth anything in terms of money, but incredibly difficult to find… but if you find it… boy, are you in for a treat. For those of you who bought ‘Glitter from the Litter Bin’, you’ll be aware of the strange creature dwelling on the end.

Wacked out moogs, a phased girl sing about a ‘thing’ that drops from space (and is machine washable), interspersed with Hitler impressions and wonky beats. All this tacked on the end of a ace Glam comp. Get it now.[Mof Gimmers]

4 Responses to ““Thing” by Edwina Biglet and the Miglets”

  1. Miranda Says:

    I’ve got an original 1970’s single of Thing. If ever a party was dull we would put it on and it always got a reaction one way or another, but whatever the reaction to Thing, the party always went well after that. Many thanks to Edwina

  2. Del Says:

    Hi Miranda, I have an original RCA copy of “Thing” too, and I entirely agree with your comments. What’s more is that it’s remembered with affection by the select few and appreciated greatly by those who haven’t heard it before.

    Whatever happened to Edwina and her merry cohorts I wonder? a great “radio hit” at the time but not translated into sales so it’s only the discerning listener whose memory is intact who can remember such things.



  3. mof gimmers Says:

    Thanks for sharing in the joy of ‘Thing’.

    As far as I can tell, ‘Thing’ was set to be an advert for a never-released product (although I would like to see the thing described in the tune). Info on Edwina is none existent, so only the song can stand up for itself.

    ‘Thing’ is also impossible to get hold of on 45, but not really worth much (financially at least). I’m looking for more copies of it (to distribute to people who need it) but my search is proving to be fruitless!

    Thanks for the comments…

    “I got a thing that goes *WAW WAW WAWAAAAW* wouldn’t you like one as well? *WAW BRRRRNHGG*

  4. Russ Says:

    The b side was better “Vanessa’s luminous dog coat” was my sig tune for years as a mobile dj in the 70’s all records gone includin Edwina’s,

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