Stephen Stills – Manassas

ManassasStephen Stills is usually remembered for three things. Being in Buffalo Springfield, being the ‘S’ in CS&N, and having slept with Joni Mitchell. Unfairly, his masterwerk is often overlooked. ‘Manassas’, a sprawling LP starring Flying Burrito/Byrd Chris Hillman, is a bona-fide tour de force in styles and songwriting. Stills’ love of country, blues, good time rag rock’n’roll and latin is all the mix, and plain to hear.

‘Song of Love’ is probably the best thing Stills’ ever penned, but has it reached the status of ‘For What it’s Worth’? Not even close. Unfortunately for Stills’ this incredible long player is usually passed up for lesser works by his peers. ‘Manassas’ stands up as one of the best singer/songwriter albums ever created, and if you don’t own it, you should.[Mof Gimmers]


One Response to “Stephen Stills – Manassas”

  1. Steve Says:

    I am responding to the previous opinion of the Stephen Stills MANASSAS album. I have owned this CD for a number of years, and I continue to play it more than any other CD I own. I have always been a HUGE fan of Stephen Stills, and in my opinion he was the driving force behind the Buffalo Springfield and primarily responsible for the excellence of the first CSN album. (He arranged most of it and played nearly all the instruments) The song-writing, the arrangements, the musicianship, the vocals, and the production are all superb on MANASSAS, and Stills has seldom been consistently better. Stills has always been at his best when surrounded by other top-notch musicians, and here the result is that every cut on this album just crackles with excitement. The range of genres covered on this album is quite extensive and impressively executed, and couldn’t (and shouldn’t) even be attempted by any other musician currently on the pop/rock scene. Yet the album has a consistent feel to it, and does not seem disjointed despite the different genres presented. Unfortunately, the Manassas follow-up album “Down the Road” was only mediocre, probably reflecting either Stills’ boredom or his inability to focus through whatever drugs he was taking at the time, and Stills disbanded Manassas and moved on. Stills solo work includes sparkling gems as well as some clunkers, but this CD is just spectacular throughout and definitely among his finest work. One of the ten best albums of all times!

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