Lost Classic? Cardigans ‘Life’

Cardigans_lifeIt’s easy to dismiss The Cardigans. ‘Lovefool’ was a bit of a waste of time, but a pop behemouth nonetheless. The hit big with ‘My Favourite Game’ and ‘Erase/Rewind’, but by then, I imagine those who dug the early work of the Swedish group had long gone home. That’s because their first dent in the charts was a glorious kitschy 60’s sugar coated pop treasure. That album is ‘Life’.

When the sun is out, like it is now, and you need something to affirm the bounce in your step down the street, ‘Life’ does just that. It features two of The Cardigan’s best singles, ‘Sick & Tired’, which features killer exotica flutes, stomping skittery drums and a pure sun soaked chorus, as well as the firing indie of ‘Rise & Shine’.

To think this an LP built on two singles is folly. Some of the better songs on the LP are the album cuts. ‘Daddy’s Car’ features one of the most infectious choruses this writer has ever heard. ‘Celia Inside’ does touch on twee, but it’s far from saccharine. The whole album is awash with cheeky nods to MFP charity shop finds, and won’t grace the collection of someone who needs to keep up a cool appearance. It is certainly an album for someone who likes pop with a great chorus… and better still, a nice bite in the lyrics. If you let your guard down, you’ll find an album worth loving in ‘Life’. [Mof Gimmers]


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