Supernatural Fairytales from Art

ArtsupernaturalfairytaleIsland Pink is a label I trust. I always have, and probably always will. Later, Island would go rubbish and sign U2, and turn Bob Marley into an inoffensive goon. No matter, any Island record with a pink middle is good enough for me. Early Fairport LPs, John Martyn, Nick Drake, Incredible String Band, Free… and some corking hidden wonders. Art, soon to become Spooky Tooth, delivered up a psychedelic/prog mish mash of an album which sits safely in many a cool DJs record box. That LP is ‘Supernatural Fairytales‘.

Starting off with the tiptop ‘I Think I’m Going Weird’, the band in full psych head glow, launch into driving drums and bass with frazzled guitar over the top (and in all directions). There is a soul in the tune seldom heard on many psychedelic records, when mostly, singers favoured a more ‘distant’ approach. Mike Harrison’s fronting is far more powerful than, say, someone aping The Byrds.

Also featured in this hip crackler is African Thing. A tough prog-esque riff (in 4/4 thankfully) is a real dancer with killer vocal melodies and harmonies. If you can stand the percussive wig out on the end (a 3 minute African drum wig out) then you’ll love the track… and it certainly ahead of the game, coming before Santana’s claim to African percussion, and you’ll never hear something this heavy on any other record.. wonderful.

The title track of the LP is worth your admission alone. A belter of a riff, coupled with smart assed back beats and tremendous vocals. Quite why this wasn’t a bigger tune in the psychedelic underground is anyones guess. For fans of killer psyche, this is your LP. Fans of early Prog will dig it too. Definitely worth a look.[Mof Gimmers]


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