Wacked out pop mastery in the year 2525 from Zager & Evans

In_the_year_2525In 1969, Zager & Evans had a smash with the overtly ambitious sounding ‘In The Year 2525 (Exordium & Terminus)’. The song is led with mariachi trumpets, duel harmonies, and brain pounding drums. What was novel about the record was the very fact that it had a key change for every verse… not as bad as it sounds believe me. The song (lyrically at least) travelled forward through time, wondering what life would be like when man has gone and other massive issues. For example, they pine "In the year 6565… you’ll pick your daughter from a long glass tube…." Prophetic! Check the lyrics out here and tell me you don’t need it. A pop-psych masterpiece that needs to be re-evaluated by kind ears. [Mof Gimmers]


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