SINGLE OF THE MONTH – Keyboard Rebel ‘My Lordship’

Keyboard Rebel are a strange breed. They really are. Not averse to
dressing like peasants and creating tunes catchier than mumps. The group
started of on the wine bar trendy Twisted Nerve, with the release of the loved
‘Bootylicious’. Since then, they’ve set up their own label called Slick Nine
, backed the more than fabulous John Stammers- Hawks’ style, and
released a couple of cheeky ones called ‘Northern Sherpa’ and ‘Ghost Lady’.

So now, we’re up to date, the latest release, ‘My Lordship’, sees
Keyboard Rebel in full tilt
. Squidgy basslines with fatter than fudge beats
with insanely catchy Ba-Ba-Ba’s rollock around with a tale about peasants and
feudal politics. Sound kooky?

Well, it is, but not annoyingly so. ‘My Lordship’ is the
sound of Beck having a jam with the Dust Brothers… if they both grew up in a
leafy suburb of Manchester. There is also echoes of the marvellous Bobby Conn
and magnifique Phoenix. This is a single that doesn’t mind a bit of
cheek, and certainly confident enough to release a great pop record.

‘My Lordship’ is a killer floor filler destined to shake
some rumps in indie discos that are fortunate enough to get their hands on a
copy. The bastard son of baggy and mid
seventies pop will surely be picked up by those looking for a sure fire hit for
the summer.

Keyboard Rebel ‘My Lordship’ *****

Mof Gimmers


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