New York Dolls – One Day It Will Please Us To Remember This

After the recent live outings of the surviving members, and the untimely
passing of Arthur ‘Killer’ Kane, the New York Dolls have become decent currency
again. One of the first purveyors of real trashy rock & roll, and influence
to Glam and Punk (not to mention fanclub cheese, Morrissey), the ‘Dolls found
themselves wanting to make an LP again. So, drafting in guests such as Michael
Stipe and Iggy Pop, Sylvain Sylvain and David Johansen (alongside assorted
others) sat down and made a work that aint too far away from their vintage
work. ‘One Day It Will Please Us To Remember This’ is grade A NYD.

Everything you like about the Dolls – Jaggeresque poses and
pouts, Shangri-La mini drama and of course, androgynous tear stained mascara
glamour pussing – is all there in abundance. ‘Gimme Love And Turn On The Light’
is a crackling little killer that mixes up the tougher end of the group’s
output (think Personality Crisis’ crunch with a nod to The Stooges) and
‘Dancing Like A Monkey’ is perfectly ridiculous NYD pop rock and roll.

The tender moments on the LP continue the impressive strike
rate and showcase Johansen’s continued love of bobby sock melodrama a la The
Ronettes. ‘Plenty of Music’ boasts a wonderful tribute to the Wall of Sound
production, and is a sure fire heart stopper. No-one really cared much for the
Dolls first time ‘round (Bob Harris infamously referring to them as ‘Mock Rock’
after their performance of ‘Jet Boy’ on the OGWT), and this time, things may
not be too different. Hopefully, all the people who discovered them since their
golden works will get around to buying this LP, and don’t worry, it doesn’t
disappoint. Just don’t compare it too much.

New York Dolls “One
Day It Will Please Us To Remember This”

Mof Gimmers

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