Nuggets available on vinyl!


Fans of garage punk will be thrilled to bits to learn that
Rhino have released their seminal Nuggets comp on vinyl. Originally, it was
released in the early seventies, and looked at the great lost psyche/punk bands
that cropped up all over the USA from 65-69. DJs will chomp at the chance to
play out the incredible bonkers twang of ‘Psychotic Reaction’ by the Count Five
as after all, the Nuggets pressing is still light years ahead of all the others
that have cropped up in its wake. Freakish guitars, rumbling drones of driving
basslines, neck snapping snares, and wild eyed teens gurning about lost love
and/or soft drugs, Nuggets is really something that no one should be without.
You loved the 4 CD box set, now you get to sniff the wax. Buy it and then
rekindle your affair with trying to track half of the track down on single.

Various Artists Nuggets *****

Mof Gimmers


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