Ice Cream Man by Joe Meek’s Tornadoes

For some inexplicable reason, Joe Meek is not a household name. His life
story has all the ingredients to make someone the stuff of myth and legend.
Number Ones, the murder of his landlady, London’s gangster underworld, madness, fear of being bugged by the secret services and most of all,

Meek’s homemade contraptions and bonkers recording techniques ensured
that no-one else in the world would ever sound like him. Meek was, essentially,
Aphex Twin three decades before, and years ahead of the game.

Famed for creating Telstar with The Tornadoes (complete with
a backwards toilet flush tape effect), Meek had much more in his canon. His
best work with the group is one that crops up in charity shops all over the
place. ‘Ice Cream Man’ is a glorious pop song complete with one of Meek’s
homemade synthesizers, and a super loud pressing. Once the needle hits this
record, and that lovely analogue crackle fades, the sound that hits your ears
is virtually inexplicable. Swirling guitars, a cheeky backbeat and the most
infectious lead line coupled with what sounds like bells. It is a true
masterpiece, and every home should own one.

Mof Gimmers

Please Note: Image used by permission by David Peters (copywrite)


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