MySpace Artist of the Week – Jess Bryant

Jess_bryant Jess Bryant is a most unique talent. Much in the
same way Joanna Newsom is hard to define, Bryant creates a world that is
uniquely her own. The Newsom likeness is unfair, in as much that Bryant doesn’t
occupy a strange quirky, kooky place, but she does create a sound that is
almost impossible to liken to any other artist.

Bryant creates incredibly emotive folk music with a kind of operatic voice that
creates incredible soundscapes. One song of hers, ‘Swallow’ is one of the most
beautiful pieces of music this writer has ever heard. In a way that say,
Anthony and the Johnsons, create music to make you weep, Bryant creates
something so wonderfully beautiful that even the toughest of hearts will
succumb to it’s staggering frailty.

It’s scandalous that Jess isn’t on the bill at something like Green Man
this year, as her talent really knows no bounds, and her style is so unusual
that she stands out from the vast swathes of humdrum folk music out there. An
impossible voice, coupled with impossibly gorgeous tunes, Jess Bryant is
certainly one to keep an eye on for the upcoming year.

Click this link to hear the stunning work of Jess Bryant




5 Responses to “MySpace Artist of the Week – Jess Bryant”

  1. Andy Says:

    Wow, now thats some music you don’t hear every day. Your’e right, her voice sounds strong and yet fragile at the same time, and dark, mysterious songs sound, somehow comforting.
    Thanks for profiling this artist, i’ll be keeping a close eye on her for sure.

  2. Hrishi Says:

    jess has an innocently haunting voice held by such a relaxed tension of tunes. her music feels like such an easy, soothing paradox. and that’s just the recordings. for the live performance it’s better that words be swallowed.

  3. Louise Says:

    It’s nice to see such an interesting and unusual artist recognised on your website and the review is spot on. I have been lucky enough to see Jess play live which I notice she does regularly at various venues in London. If you think she sounds great on her MySpace, then it’s really worth trying to get along to one of her gigs where her performances are even more impressive.

  4. Karin Says:

    I saw Jess live a couple of months ago in Brixton. The venue was half empty and the sound guy didn’t bother to turn up. Still Jess did an outstanding performance and manage to spell bound all off us that was there. I’ve been a big fan ever since. Well worth seeing and hearing!

  5. Francis Says:

    The artist has a tasteful, barely perceptable vibrato and an ear for intonation that will turn any vocalist green with envy. Advanced harmony, often willfully dissonant… but beatutiful in its stark simplicity.

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