A glimpse at Anton Corbijn’s Joy Division film, Control

Sam_rileyHere’s our first look at actor Sam Riley‘s portrayal of the legendary gloomy Ian Curtis. Anton Corbijn is currently making a biopic about Joy Division – called Closer – a challenge which he is no doubt relishing. If anyone is able to make a film about the group with any sort of authority, Corbijn’s your man, as he was a fan of Joy Division from the beginning – he moved from
Holland just to photograph the band – and from there he developed a
friendship that lead him to direct what was to be the posthumous video Atmosphere.

Control  spans the last few years of Curtis’ life leading up to his suicide in 1980. The film looks at the struggle between the first love of his wife and his burgeoning relationship with his girlfriend,
his bouts with epilepsy and his ferocious performances with Joy Division. The film expands on Deborah Curtis’ book ‘Touching from a Distance’,
a personal account of her life with Ian Curtis. To achieve a fuller
account of the man and his life, script writer Matt Greenhalgh spoke to
those who were closest to Ian Curtis including Annik Honore, who was in a
relationship with Ian Curtis at the time of his death. Previously,
Annik had declined to discuss the relationship.

Mof Gimmers


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