MySpace Artist of the day – Mik Mak Mok

MikmakmokMySpace, even though it’s owned by the dark overlord that is Rupert Murdoch (no relation to the howling mad one from the A-Team), turns up some real gems in terms of unsigned/independent bands. The latest to the fore is the superbly psychedelic Mik Mak Mok from Manchester. Effortlessly fusing psychedelic whimsy (a la early Pink Floyd) and kraut stylings, Mik Mak Mok create a sound most certainly developed from a thousand acid hangovers.

‘The Bigamist in You’ nods toward The Hollies in their ‘Evolution’ era, with sitar, clunky rhythms and druggy harmonies. ‘Miss X Ray Eyes’ furthers the aural drug intake with backward guitars and Syd style ponderings. Mik Mak Mok are by no means a pastiche of the late sixties. It’s definitely coming from a place that loves the flung out, strung out sounds of psychedelic England. You can download them all for free too!

Mof Gimmers

Listen and download Mik Mak Mok from their MySpace site here


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