Pop Junkie speaks to Tim Burgess of The Charlatans

Tim_burgess_1Tim Burgess, 18 years after the formation of The Charlatans, is still the darling of the world of indie. Still adorning the walls of weak knee’d girls up and down the country, and a soul survivor of music, outlasting most of his peers.

From the self financed indie hit Indian Rope, to solo LPs, to the latest Charlatans long player, Simpatico, Tim Burgess is still coming out fighting, and I had the chance to catch up with him to talk about his ‘iPod’ brain, pirates and the release of a new Charlatans comp. Not only this, Tim has handpicked some songs for you to download, and make your own Tim Burgess/Pop Junkie compilation… just what you need to see summer out.

How’s Tim Burgess doing at the minute, and what’s
he up to?

Chillin’ in LA…. watchin’ the telly…

Cool. You’re on your 9th album proper now, how’s
touring after all this time?

Even better! We have lots more songs to play with!

Does seeing ‘The Charlatans’ on the bill at the
Fillmore still give you a buzz?

HELL YEAH! I love looking at the posters!
It’s 16 years since Indian Rope was released. Are you
surprised that you’re still around? You must feel blessed right?

No, not really – I always believed we had
longevity… patience…

There has been quite a few (over documented) line-up
changes in The Charlatans. However, you still seem like a band of
brothers/troubadours/outlaws like the Flying Burrito’s or The Stones. Is that
the case?

As good as it can be…. PIRATES ALL THE WAY!

You recorded a solo LP which sounded like a thousand
compilation tapes had spilled out of your head.


Have you any plans for another solo LP or will Martin
leather you?

I am definitely doing another solo record… and
yes… Martin does love the leather (laughs)

How different is the Tim Burgess who lives in LA, to
the kid that was listening to John Peel in Northwich?

Here, there, everywhere… I still get excited
about music!

Enough of dwelling on the past. What’s next for The

Finish the summer festivals, then maybe a U.S.
acoustic tour… then the ‘long awaited’ singles LP, Best Of… etc etc

And finally, any plans to tour the world with your
side project, The Chavs?


Now, get your fingers at the ready… download these tunes, cherrypicked by Tim Burgess, to make your very own Tim Burgess/Pop Junkie compilation for August 2006!

The Band – the night they drove ol dixie down
Giant Drag – Kenny is Gay
Iggy Pop – Night Clubbin’
The Doors – People are Strange
Bob Dylan – like a rolling stone
Bloc Party – helicopters
Joy Divison – Day of the lords
Siouxsee – Spellbound
Clash – Bankrobber
Fletwood Mac – tusk
Marvin Gaye – the onion song

Mof Gimmers

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