Love’s overlooked masterpiece, Da Capo

DacapoIf you’ve been ignoring Arthur Lee, it’s time you fell for him. Lee’s recent passing will see re-evaluations of his work, and Forever Changes will be high currency (quite rightly so). One LP that is oft overlooked from the Love canon is the exquisite Da Capo, which features some of Lee’s vocal performances.

The album before ‘Changes’ sees the band finding their pyschedelic feet, but still retaining their punk roots.

From the word go, Da Capo is incredible. ‘Stephanie Knows Who’ is the
perfect marriage of garage punk snot and psychedelic whimsy. Another
garage masterpiece, and more well known, is ‘Seven & Seven Is’,
which is probably the most exciting piece of music ever created.
Rolling snare rushes over pop-art punk guitars, all the while Lee
counting down to armageddon. The sweeter side of Lee also comes to the
fore with the aching beautiful ‘Que Vida’ and ‘Orange Skies’. This is
an essential purchase, and no serious music fan should be without it.

Mof Gimmers


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