Teens who listen to raunchy songs have sex earlier says study

BilljustisraunchyA study carried out in the US has concluded that teens who listen to ‘raunchy’ songs tend to have sex earlier than those that don’t. Young people who listen to music with "sexually degrading" lyrics that
describe women as sex objects and portray men as "sex-driven studs"
were almost twice as likely to start being sexually active within the
next two years than teens who listened to little or no sexually
degrading music, according to a study by the Rand Corporation, a
Pittsburgh-based thinktank.

The Guardian reports that researchers carried out telephone interviews with 1,461 kids
between the ages of 12 and 17, most of whom were virgins when the study
began in 2001. They were questioned about their sexual behaviour and
how often they listened to music. Follow up interviews were carried out
in 2002 and 2005. Their listening habits and an analysis of the lyrics’
content were measured to determine the extent to which they were
exposed to such music.

author Steve Martino said: "Musicians who use this type of sexual
imagery are communicating something very specific about what sexual
roles are appropriate, and teen listeners may act on these messages."
He argued young people may be "less thoughtful" about decisions they
make in relation to sex which could impact on future relationships and
that boys learn they should be relentless in pursuit of women and girls
learn to view themselves as sex objects. "It may be that girls
who are repeatedly exposed to these messages expect to take a
submissive role in their sexual relationships and to be treated with
disrespect by their partners," he said.

But what about me? I listened to garage punk, psychedelia and acid house! A loved-up aggressor in the bedroom maybe? Or useless with the ladies because I spent too much time hanging around record players?

Mof Gimmers


One Response to “Teens who listen to raunchy songs have sex earlier says study”

  1. Sean Says:

    Shouldn’t that be the Randy Corporation?
    I was too busy listening to The Smiths to be sexually active in my teens….. The same is true now!


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