PopJunkie Top Tens to Download and shuffle

CowearphonesmusicSomedays you wake up without any inspiration. You look at your records/CDs/iPod and think "This won’t do! I need something new!" Well, PopJunkie cares about your needs, and this is why the writers have come up with Top Tens for you to compile… and dance your way to work in the morning! First up, are Sean’s choices.

Sean Hannam’s Top 10

1) Richard Hawley – Some Candy Talking (from the album Q Covered): "Sheffield crooner turns The Jesus and Mary Chain’s druggy indie classic into a towering torchsong that’s reminiscent of Roy Orbison. A stirrring epic – strings and everything!"

2)The Upper Room – Black and White (single): "I’m a sucker for this blast of ’80s influenced guitar pop – it sounds like it’s been around for years. Great harmonies, jangly guitars and a chorus to die for. Like finding a tenner in an old pair of jeans."

3)Matthew Sweet and Susanna Hoffs: Different Drum (from the album Sid ‘n’ Susie – Under The Covers Vol.1) : "Power-pop supremo teams up with Bangles singer to cover the Stone Poneys ’60s classic. Irresistible sunshine sing-a-long – dig those harmonies and strings,man. Beachboys associate Van Dyke Parks plays harpsichord and piano – what more do you want?"

4)Pet Shop Boys – Minimal (from the album Fundamental): "Tennant and Lowe are back on form with this sublime helping of streamlined electro-pop – ’80s vocal effects, super synth lines, grandiose strings and a bassline that’s stolen from New Order. Absolutely fabulous, darling."

5)The Boyfriends – Adult Acne/ Tears Before Bedtime (CD single) : "Wonderfully evocative indie that harks back to the glory days of The Smiths and ’80s bedroom angst."

6)Franz Ferdinand – What You Waiting For? ( Radio 1 session): "Scottish art-rockers’ take on Gwen Stefani’s pop gem. A killer version – new wave disco riot!

7)Richard J. Parfitt – Downtown (from the album Highlights In Slow Motion): "This moving acoustic ballad is taken from the long-forgotten solo album by the former frontman of ’90s Welsh punk-soulsters, 60 ft Dolls. Sounds great being played on your iPod at 3am whilst walking through central London in the rain – I’d imagine. You can probably find the album in a bargain bin somewhere – I did. Well worth checking out."

8) Shack – Finn, Sophie, Bobby & Lance (from the album The Corner of Miles and Gil): "Welcome return for Scouse pysch-folk popsters. This is one of the highlights – a beautiful, haunting track that namechecks the cast of Home Away. Weird. Imagine Nick Drake with a penchant for Aussie soaps!"

9) Alex Lowe – Where To Begin (white label): "Former Hurricane 1 vocalist cranks it up on a fuzzy garage rock classic – like Rod Stewart fronting The Kinks. Currently unreleased – honestly, there’s no justice in the world."

10) James Roberts – On The Peak (demo): "Ex-Delta singer comes across all Neil Young on this captivating acoustic guitar/piano ballad. Heartbreaking stuff."

Sean Hannam


One Response to “PopJunkie Top Tens to Download and shuffle”

  1. Mickster Says:

    Hi there – Different Drum is, of course, a Mike Nesmith tune!

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