MySpace Artist of the day – Los Peyotes

LospeyotesWhere can you get your garage punk kicks from these days? Well, you can whack up the volume on your Sonics records… but what happens if you want something new? Thankfully, authentic, shambolic, catchy and floor board splitting tunes are being spewed up by the incredible Los Peyotes.

Los Peyotes hail from Argentina and are causing a real sonic stink! These boys are the natural successors to The Standells, MC5, The Sonics and The Wailers. Full throttle fuzz and blistering howls and yelps come under attack from gut-pounding drums and shin kicking organ. Te Pegare is all vox continental, teardrop and attitude. If you liked the Los Yorks LP, you’ll adore this lot. Their track ‘The Brotherhood’ is quite possibly the most exciting new track I’ve ever heard in my life!

Follow this link to Los Peyotes to hear their tunes in full on MySpace

Mof Gimmers


2 Responses to “MySpace Artist of the day – Los Peyotes”

  1. Rolando (peyote´s lead guitar) Says:

    Hey mof! how are you?? thanks a lot for this review!!! its amazing!

    greetings from argentina

  2. pol aroid Says:

    and you didn’t hear them live!

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