Mark Fry creates an acid folk gem with ‘Dreaming With Alice’

MarkfryI’ll be honest, and tell you that I know very little about Mark Fry. All I do know, is that ‘Dreaming With Alice’ is a cracking little acid folk LP that would sit happily on virtually any turntable. Recently reissued by the folks at Arkarma (and reasonably easy to get hold of), ‘Dreaming With Alice’ is a perfect example of progressive hippie folk, with stand out track ‘Mandolin Man’ kicking off all groovy, before decending into a Wah-Wah wig out, to get the most stubborn folk resister going.

The LP has loads of great flourishes, and is segued together with excerpts from a singuar modal track. If you like loose fitting folk with acid guitars on the side, Fry is your man.

Mof Gimmers


One Response to “Mark Fry creates an acid folk gem with ‘Dreaming With Alice’”

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