Killer Country from former Monkee Mike Nesmith and Magnetic South/Loose Salute

Mike_nesmithFor fans of Gram Parsons, wake up. There was someone else around who was creating killer country… and that was Michael Nesmith (the cool one from The Monkees). For the best of Mike’s solo work, you could do far worse than start with the brilliant twofer, ‘Magnetic South/Loose Salute’. These two LPs feature Mike at his country best. All lilting heartache and deep south sass. ‘Calico Girlfriend’ is a dynamite country rock floorfiller that surpasses most of the work from counterpart Parson’s ‘GP’. ‘Little Red Rider’ also features a break that HipHop beat diggers have missed out on… and I’ve just given the secret away. 

The later stuff, from ‘Loose Salute’ is also great, but not as strong as the ‘Magnetic South’ cuts. However, ‘Salute’ features a cheeky little nod to Mike’s past with The Monkees. A rabble rowdy country honk version of ‘Listen To The Band’ rattles through at 100mph, and sees Nesmith’s voice pelt the shit out of the original (although the original is a diamond).

‘Silver Moon’ was a hit with the radio jocks, but didn’t really show off the full skills that Nesmith had in his armour. Mike, fresh from the ‘unhip’ Monkees (not in my opinion…) bravely went and made an LP full of Latin shuffles, country rock corkers, lounge… and anything else that popped into his head. This twofer is also worth the price for the shot of Nesmith in a fabulous Nudey suit alone! Go buy it. Now!

Mof Gimmers


One Response to “Killer Country from former Monkee Mike Nesmith and Magnetic South/Loose Salute”

  1. kandti Says:

    hey great call! i’d add “pretty much your standard ranch stash” to these. fantastic songs, sparkling arrangements with red rhodes working wonders on the pedal steel, and a great cover as well featuring a none too discreet ‘subliminal’ message

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