The Green Man gets a voice with Naked Fighting

Naked_fightingThis year’s Green Man Festival looks to be the hottest ticket on the festival circuit. And half of the Shiny Media lot will be there to see Donovan, Calexico, Circulus, Gruff Rhys (from SFA), Alasdair Roberts, Martha Wainwright… and loads more.

In the true spirit of this DIY festival, a fanzine is to be published. Having had a sneak peek at it, it looks wonderful. I caught up with Chrissy, the creator of Naked Fighting, to talk about the fanzine, the bands who contributed work to it, and musicians falling asleep on their guitars.

What is your involvement at The Green Man Festival
this year?

My involvement is primarily being a merry audience
member, but I’ve also put together a fanzine-type-publication specifically for
the Green Man, which brings together new, original words and pictures created
by some of the musicians performing at the festival.

What is in the fanzine?

There’s no single theme or tone to the content it
varies from cartoons, to short stories, to poems, to reflective rants about
contemporary culture, to pictures of artists asleep with their instruments.
Contributors include Calexico, James Yorkston, Micah P Hinson, James Green,
Emma Tricca, and a heap of others. Micah P Hinson sent me the beginning of an
unpublished novelette he’s working on, and it’s absolutely amazing.

Have you interviewed bands in the fanzine, or are
they penning articles with their own fair hands?

There are no interviews. In fact, I don’t think it
really even feels like any kind of traditional fanzine or music mag I wanted to
work with all the artists individually and play on their strengths, seeing what
would be the best contribution that each of them could make. Creative people
often have more than one outlet for their creativity, and in this case I wanted
to see what musicians wanted to do without music.

What gave you the idea to do a ‘zine at Green Man?

Last year I helped pull together some contributions
for the Quiet Feather, a regular journal run by some lovely people in the Lake
District collecting Anything and Everything of interest (also for sale at the
festival I believe). This year, however, I wanted to do something that was
totally given over to Green Man performers, as I was really excited by the
musicians’ contributions last year.

What do you think people can expect from this years’
Green Man?

Well, I know the venue’s bigger this year, isn’t it?
Instead of being concerned that it’ll feel too busy or crowded, I think it’ll
mean even more like-minded, basically quite relaxed, happy and interesting
people all in one place, listening to great music. I don’t think you find the
same atmosphere at any other festivals.

What are you looking forward to this weekend?

I’m really looking forward to seeing all the
contributors’ sets actually. Having communicated with them a bit and seen what
else they’re creatively capable of, I can’t wait to hear them perform "in
the flesh". I’m also really looking forward to Nalle they’re capable of
setting such painful lyrics to such beautiful music.

Where will people be able to buy Naked Fighting?

At the merchandise tent, from Friday lunchtime

What’s behind the name Naked Fighting? It’s not very
folky is it?

Yes, I’ve had a few raised eyebrows about that. I
wanted to find a name that acknowledged the difference between musicians
communicating with music, and communicating without it. They’re all known
primarily to the festival audience as musicians, so without the music, they’re
more exposed. I guess I also hoped it’d get people’s attention.

What’s next for you? Any more projects lined up?

It’ll certainly be a Green Man regular from now on,
though I’m talking to some other people about doing issues for other festivals
too. I think the idea is a good one, and hope to continue it as long as I can.

For more infomation about Naked Fighting, follow this link or to contact click here

Mof Gimmers


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