MySpace Artist of the day – Goldoolins

GoldoolinsIsrael might not be known for acid folk groups, but tucked away in The Negev Desert is the wonderful sounds of the Goldoolins. The ‘doolins have dropped right out of 1968 with a sound so fully formed and perfect that you’d be forgiven for thinking that you’d stumbled across a lost SanFran folk rock masterpiece produced by Curt Boettcher.

The ‘Ocean Song’ is the Goldoolins masterpiece. Harpsicord, picked guitars and Autoharps nestle underneath flung lyrics before the whole thing turns on its head into backward psychedelics! ‘Sheva Shanim 7 Years’ is sung in the group’s native tongue, and songs like an exotic mix of Os Mutantes and the Incredible String Band. It is, without exaggeration, one of the finest pieces of music I’ve ever heard. If this was 40 years old, people would be paying stupid amounts of money to get their hands on a copy. Essential.

To hear the Goldoolins, please follow this link to their MySpace site.

Mof Gimmers

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