Nancy Sinatra hits gold with ‘How Does That Grab You?

Nancy_3When Nancy Sinatra burst onto the scene with ‘These Boots Were Made For Walkin’", many predicted a glittering career… after all, she was working with one of America’s finest producers in Lee Hazelwood, and was the daughter of Ol’ Blue Eyes. However, Nancy decided to take a path less travelled and opt for the Country. She is more famous for the brilliant Nancy & Lee LP, which is a bona fide masterpiece on its own, but those wanting something more from Nancy need to look at ‘How Does That Grab You?’.

‘How Does That Grab You?’ kicks off in cheeky style. As opposed to the brash and sassy Nancy everyone is aware of, the LP trickles in with a picked double bass and Nancy coming on all chanteuse-like with ‘Not The Lovin’ Kind’. If there is a more sultry piece of music than this, I’d like to know about it. The album opener is Nancy showing the world that she knew she was a sex-kitten, and wasn’t afraid of showing it off.

More famously, of late at any rate, the LP contains the Kill Bill soundtracked ‘Bang Bang’. Originally a Cher (*spit*)  tune, Nancy again weaves gold from shit. With it’s hollow guitar (c/o Mr Lee Hazelwood), Nancy paints a picture so bleak, that Leonard Cohen probably wept in it’s presence. In saying that, instead of being a cathartic experience, it’s quite sexy, as Nancy purrs her way through the line ‘my baby shot me down’.

Of course, with this being a Nancy/Hazelwood head-to-head, there is wry winks and sly nods. As Nancy growls ‘don’t come lookin’ for your pussy cat’ in the title track over mariachi trumpets and an upbeat slide guitar, you know that Nancy & Lee haven’t lost their fondness for the dry comedy that made them a great pair in the first place.

The Sundazed reissue also has some tremendous bonus tracks, notably a sugary pop effort featuring her old pa’ Frank. ‘Feeling Kinda Sunday’ is fairly weak, but if like me, you have a soft spot for things like ‘Up, Up And Away’ by 5th Dimension, you’ll enjoy it all the same. ‘Lightning Girl’ is pure fuzz driven exotica with Nancy sounding like an angry 10 year old. Add to this, famous tracks like ‘Sand’ (which is stunning) and ‘Crying Time’ (country heartbreak), you’ve got a real peach. Get on this LP before it leaves town.

Mof Gimmers


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