New Release – Son of Blunderbuss V/A

Son of Blunderbuss, the follow up to last years fantastic Blunderbuss compilation of wacked rock&roll,
mentalist surf and greasy instros, continues pretty much where it left off. This time around, the Rotosonic boys who compiled the LP have upped the stakes. The tracks are more aimed at the groove, filthier, sleazier… and wilder!

For those who dig the Las Vegas Grind comps,
you’ll find a lot to fall in love to with this! For your money, you can get mega obscure tracks by Rusty Day (the highlight of the LP), Tikis and an incredible cut from the Candy Johnson Show. This is a must have, and the pressing is equally superb. If your party is sagging in the middle, this’ll cure what ails ya. You really must own this record… why? It’s the best garage comp since Nuggets that’s why. Click here to buy.

Mof Gimmers

For an ace weekly Radio Show from the compilers of Blunderbuss, follow this link.


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