Banksy ‘defaces’ Paris Hilton album

BanksyGuerrilla artist (and genius for my money) Banksy, designer of Blur’s Think Tank LP cover, and general nuisance to Daily Mail readers, has focused his latest attack on Paris Hilton. Previously, he has smuggled fake artwork into Tate Britain, and sprayed a vision of
‘paradise’ on the Palestinian side of Israel’s "security wall", and now, he has smuggled 500 doctored copies of Paris Hilton’s debut album into
music stores throughout the UK, where they have sold without the shops’
knowledge. The artist managed this by keeping the original barcode the same, so they could be bought over the counter.

Continue reading to see pictures of the doctored cover.

Click on the images to enlarge

Banksyhilton01_1 Banksyhilton03_4

Click here for the Independent article
, and click here to see more images

Mof Gimmers


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