September 4th – A massive day in Rock & Roll history

PfondaSeptember 4th is a day bursting with rock & roll history. This day in 1969 saw the commercial release of the greatest (or maybe I should say most well known) psychedelic road-flick ever made in Easy Rider. Seven years prior to the release of Easy Rider, 4 scruffy lads from Merseyside began their professional recording career at Abbey Road. It was on this day that The Beatles went in to record ‘Love Me Do’, only for George Martin to drag them in again without Ringo on the drum-stool (replaced by session man, Andy White).

And that’s not all…

In 1976, a Televsion landmark occurred. The snot fuelled Sex Pistols made their TV bow when they appeared on the Manchester based Granada prog ‘So It Goes’… deftly backed by a ice cream coiffured Anthony H. Wilson, future honcho and rent-a-gob of Factory Records. Earlier, in ’71 on this day, Macca had his first US number as a solo artist with ‘Uncle Albert’ (taken from the ‘Ram’ LP).

So from ‘no future’ and thumbs-aloft-wacky, to miserablist shoe gazing and 6th form poetry of dour Mancs The Smiths. In 1987 Mike Joyce drummer with The Smiths, quit the band saying that ‘his present role within the group had been fulfilled’. Reading between the lines you’d probably think that means ‘I’m having to take silly amounts of smack trying to put up with Morrissey, so I better chip off before my veins fall out of my body".

Also on this day, in 2005, Mike Gibbins drummer with Badfinger died in his sleep at his Florida home aged 56, completing a triad of untimely deaths in the group. The Bee Gees had two seperate chart toppers, the first being in ’68 with ‘I’ve Gotta Get a Message To You’, and then high octane glass shattering ball pinching disco in ’76 with ‘You Should Be Dancing’.

And finally, 1965, The Who had their van stolen containing over £5000 worth of
equipment outside the Battersea Dogs Home. The band were inside the dog
home at the time, ironically trying to buy a guard dog.

Mof Gimmers


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