Editor’s Top Ten Picks

With summer gone, and the kids about to go back to school (or uni), it’s time to rekindle your passion with music as the house will now have genuine ‘quiet moments’. So to celebrate, here’s my Top 10 picks of the moment.

1. Son of Blunderbuss – Various Artists (LP). Previously reviewed on PopJunkie, and absolutely indispensible to anyone with an interest in garage and sleaze. Includes the dancefloor monster ‘I Gotta Move’ by Rusty Day and the incredible ‘The Hook’ by The Candy Johnson Show. A limited run means act quickly. (available to buy here)

2. Je M’Eclate Au Senegal – Martin Circus. An ace Gallic psych tune with a very strange video. Horns, attitude and a groove catchier than mumps. Not reissued as far as I’m aware, but copies crop up on ebay all the time. Get bidding!

3. Darkness At Noon – A Hawk And A Hacksaw (LP). A new band (comparitively) featuring a cohort of the brilliant Broadcast, ‘Darkness At Noon’ was a post Green Man purchase after seeing the band play at this year’s festival. Eastern European gypsie music meets Tortoise head on. An essential purchase by a bold group.

4. It Don’t Come Easy – Ringo Starr. A track I’ve been hammering all summer. Ringo is in fine pop form with an ace little ditty, complete with Stones-esque backing warblings. One to dig out of the local second hand record shop.

5. High Time – Spencer Davis Group. The B-Side to ‘Keep On Running’, so dead easy to pick up. A cheeky dancer with fuzz guitar, shakin’ backbeat and Stevie Winwood coming on all Atlantic soul.

6. Pop Artificielle – LB (LP). Ace electronic covers of famous rock tunes. Highlights on the LP and the incredible manglings of Bowie’s ‘Ashes To Ashes’ and a stunning version of Prince’s ‘The Future’. Features the single, a version of James Brown’s ‘Superbad’. Inventive and classy. A tour-de-force. (listen here)

7. 10am Automatic – The Black Keys. This has been out a while, but fishing it out of an old box of sevens, this gem lept of the turntable and beat me into submission. Another blues based bassless band, The Black Keys hit gold with this glammy stomper. The overdriven guitar towards the end of the track is worth your admission alone. Available on the Rubber Factory LP.

8. Love Hurts by The Beeds. This is a record that I picked up by mistake as I initially thought it said ‘The Seeds’. Realising it wasn’t, I then thought it may be an oddball cover of Gram Parson’s ‘Love Hurts’. Alas, it’s neither. What it is however, is a cracking little moddy psyche bubblegum (phew) number with an almost Northern Soul-y chorus.

9. There Is A Mountain – Donovan.  Another Green Man Festival record. Donovan is in cheeky mode with this bonkers tune that sees Mr Leitch telling us that his garden gate’s lock is made of snails. Brilliant.

10. Part One – West Coast Pop Art Experiemental Band. A cute psych LP from way back when. Features some lovely bubblegum stuff, but stand outs are when they get heavy. ‘Help I’m A Rock’ is tuff enuff, whilst ‘Leiyla’ is one of the most wacked out songs ever. Brilliant. (available on reissue)

Mof Gimmers


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