MySpace Artist of the day – The Moulettes

MoulettesThe Moulettes are a strange and rare creature indeed. The curious creature that lives between a Nancy Sinatra swagger, tender Sandy Denny folk stylings and some kind of thesaurus pop from the belly of a biblical whale. Equally obsessed with a good yarn and a catchy chorus, The Moulettes manage to fuse so many different influences in one song that it’s hard to know where to place them… which is a very very good thing in a climate of damp tea-cloth indie bands.

‘Dead Wrong’ sees the group shimmying along with visceral guitar attacks which veer from surf to rockabilly and everything inbetween. ‘The Pirate Song’ is a different beast altogether. A jazz/folk/bossa tune begins, before quickly turning into oboe led Harry Nilsson-esque sixties bubblegum pop. ‘Devil of Mine’ is a brooding sea-shanty that positively oozes charm and the call of a siren. Then there’s the torch song of ‘Scour This Land’. There’s enough talent in this band to make you dizzy. Keep an eye on them… they won’t be playing little stages for very long.

To hear the joyous romps of The Moulettes, click here to go to their MySpace page

Mof Gimmers


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