Bert Jansch talks about ‘The Black Swan’

Bert_janschBert Jansch, key member of folk supergroup, Pentangle, has a new LP which is a collaborative affair with the crop of new folkies. Davandra Banhart and Beth Orton have both contributed to Bert’s newest recording.

The pair, plus Philadelphia folk group Espers, all make guest appearances on the singer’s forthcoming 23rd album ‘The Black Swan’.

Speaking about the collaborations, Jansch told Billboard "Beth and I struck up a relationship and she wanted to play with me, which was great. But since it’s my album, I did most of the writing. She did
introduce me to the song ‘Katie Cruel’ though. I really think that one gels well."

Jansch was also introduced to Banhart at a gig in London, and through subsequent billings, they also forged a relationship. "We got to know each other really well at All Tomorrow’s Parties. The American approach to folk these days is still very new to me. But I like it and got most of his [Banhart’s] band on the album."

Mof Gimmers


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