Marianne Faithfull cancels tour

Mariannefaithful_1 Sexy siren and singer Marianne Faithfull cancelled her world tour
yesterday after being diagnosed with breast cancer. The former Andrew Loog Oldham protege pledged "I
will be well again, if not better than ever" A great promise from one of
rock’n’roll’s soul survivors, whose personal life has included drug
and alcohol addiction and living rough.

Faithfull bounced back when she was in her thirties with a run of successful
records which began with Broken English in ’79. She’s primarily known (unfortunately) for being Mick Jagger‘s beau and found wearing only a fur rug during a
police drugs raid on Keith Richards’ home (which resulted in the famous ‘Who Breaks A Butterfly On A Wheel‘ article in The Times).

Doctors have said the cancer is in its
earliest stages. Her three-month tour, due to start next month,
included concerts in Canada, Europe and the US, ending in London in
December. A
spokesman for Marianne said the prognosis was excellent. "Indeed Marianne Faithfull
is looking forward to playing the rescheduled tour in 2007."

whose career has also included many stage and screen roles (including the fabulous ‘Girl On A Motorcycle’), said "Next
year’s tour, I want to assure fans, will be one big celebration."

Mof Gimmers

[via The Guardian]


One Response to “Marianne Faithfull cancels tour”

  1. Glenda Says:

    I had ticketes to see her in December, the first time I would have seen her play live (although I have a few of her albums). Sincerely hope she makes a full recovery.
    Glenda at

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