Joe Meek goes Freakbeat

Joe Meek is the original wacked out rewired brain of independent producing in Britain. Reaching spectacularly weird highs, and always intriguing, Meek managed to shift Brit pop music towards something more exciting. Well, Meek aint just famous for making Telstar and the bonkers ‘I Hear A New World’. Sanctuary are releasing a very exciting looking LP next month, titled Joe Meek: You’re Holding Me Down – 30 Freakbeat, Mod and R&B Nuggets. Although, I would have preferred Freaky Joe Meekbeat

It promises "the very best of indie maverick Joe Meek’s Beat,
Freakbeat, R&B and Pysch productions". Most of the cuts on the comp have been unavailable on CD (one track never seeing the light of day at all!). Featuring artists the Tornados ’66, The Syndicats, The Buzz, David John &
The Mood, Jason Eddie & The Centremen and The Cryin’ Shames, if you want to track down the originals, you better get saving your pennies. Look out here for a review…

Mof Gimmers
[via Modculture]


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