Ivor Cutler and his ‘Jammy Smears’

Jammy_smearsTruly unique albums are very hard to find with artists usually influenced by The Beatles or Chuck Berry or both. Ivor Cutler (and his harmonium) manage to avoid any popular influence, and create something that somehow manages to be earthy AND other worldly.

With a heightening interest in his work since his untimely passing, Velvet Donkey gets all the attention. It’s Jammy Smears that see Cutler providing his career best.

Cutler can make the most nonesensical words string together beautifully, until you’re lulled into a security which is inevitably cut short in either a third twist in the plot, or better still, cut short mid sentence (a Cutler trademark on record).

The LP kicks of with the giddy and playful ‘Bicarbonate of Chicken’, which, if happened in real life, would probably have you thrown from a restaraunts premises. The opening line of the whole LP is pure Cutler.


"What do you want?"

‘Barabadabada’ is probably the funniest record ever made. If it isn’t, it’s another Cutler song that beats it. ‘Barabadabada’ is a song about a man with woolen eyes that get stolen and rolled down a hill. Honest. Then you have the hilarious and odd tale of ‘Big Jim’. A man who is drowning, and whilst calling for help, Cutler notices that he has a lovely voice ("I wonder if it’s owner had it trained…")

A mixture of surreal, magnificent poetry, jolly piano songs, polish oddities, folk drones and bedtime stories gone wrong. Absolutely essential if you can’t be arsed reading.

Mof Gimmers


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