MySpace Artist of the day – The Saffron Sect

Saffron_sectJesus Christ! The spirit of acid folk (circa 1967) is alive an well all over the world! Over in Blighty, we’ve got the amazing John Stammers and Nancy Cunliffe, in the US, the incredible Arborea and now, Canada’s magnificent folkers, The Saffron Sect.

‘All Leads Back’ is the opener on their MySpace page, and harks back to when Marc Bolan wasn’t a glitter-pixie in crap boots, as well as touching on the wonderful thrums of American folkies like Fred Neil.

Wonderfully psychedelic is the marvellous tent-fug of ‘Phosphorous Flash’, that sounds like Brit freakbeat crashing headlong into the Incredible String Band. Sitars, blocks, guitar, phased effects… and a raiding of the toybox… this is a rich genuine sound that deserves to be heard by anyone with even the slightest interest in sixties music. ‘Withywindle Way’ is more pastoral, and sounds like it’s been produced by Circulus.

Basically, this is a brilliant band doing incredible things. You need them in your life before they drift of into the ether. Perfect.

To listen to The Saffron Sect, follow this link

Mof Gimmers


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