The Zombies show the garage punkers how its really done

Steve Van Zandt’s, or Little Steven as he’s more commonly known, has been running his ‘Underground Garage’ on Sirius Satellite Radio and weekly program on FM radio. A fan of all things garage, psych and rock and roll, it would seem that he believes in songs hitting the 3-minute-or-under mark and no ballads.

Notable exceptions are allowed in the form of a live set from a re-united Zombies, who topped the "Rolling Rock and Roll Show" – Little Steven’s latest touring version
of his radio shows – which pulled into New York’s Irving Plaza last week.

The Zombies set (or should I say Rod Argent and Colin Blunstone’s set) emphasized that original snap’n’gleam (c/o Rolling Stone) and wild jazzy organ flourishes from Argent… and Blunstone’s impossibly smooth voice with a fine run of hits and lesser knowners. The highlight of the set was a run of four songs from the Zombies’ masterpiece, Odyssey and Oracle (which I can’t believe I haven’t covered yet),
including ‘A Rose for Emily’, and the US hit, ‘Time of the Season‘.

See what you think of the new/old Zombies by watching this video shot by a fan from the floor of the NY gig.

Mof Gimmers


2 Responses to “The Zombies show the garage punkers how its really done”

  1. kandti Says:

    gawd that clip sounds awful. however, the zombies are the greatest band ever, and shame on your mof, you must write up o&o!

  2. mof gimmers Says:

    Sorted. I haven’t stopped foaming at the mouth ’bout it

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