Hail! Hail! Jock’n’Roll!

JamcHave you entered into the great Jock’n’Roll debate? Well, the folks over at Jock’n’Roll want you! They wanna know just what is the greatest Scottish single ever released? If you send them your top Scot 10 (plus a nomination
for the Worst Scottish single ever which will probably see Wet Wet Wet score heavily), then they’ll put together the results into a snazzy little chart/poll for future publication. They’re also after your memories of any of the tracks for publishing too! All in all, they’re looking to create the all encompassing, definitive Scots pop chart of all time!

Read over for more!

The website http://www.jocknroll.co.uk is up and is there to remind you of many of the artists you can choose from that bonnie Scotland has produced. So are you a die-hard Jesus and Mary Chain fan? Or maybe you dig the sounds of the Average White Band? There’s a bucket load to choose from! As ever, like all good lists, there are rules.


One of the rules is that you can only vote for each artist once… and quite right too… you wouldn’t repeat bands on a compilation tape would you? The site will be regularly updated with the ongoing
results and there will be a Featured Voter (it could be you couldn’t it?) and also the Scottish Pop Trivia section will contain loads of useless information on the great and good of the Scottish music scene. The poll is not limited to Scottish people so spread the word… we all like making lists don’t we? Now get voting! The Jock’n’Rollers are also looking at getting the results published in a book, so you might finally get your opinions on music in print! Ace!

For the record, my top ten are as follows…

Donovan ‘Hey Gyp (Dig The Slowness)’
Boards of Canada ‘A Beautiful Place in the Country’

Beta band ‘To You Alone’

Bert Jansch ‘Needle of Death’
John & Beverley Martyn ‘Stormbringer’

Primal Scream ‘Burning Wheel’

Teenage Fanclub ‘Mellow Doubt’

JAMC ‘Darklands’

Davy Graham ‘The Thamesiders and Davy Graham’
Appendix Out ‘Ice Age’

…and the worst? No Way Sis ‘I’d Like To Teach The World To Sing’

Mof Gimmers


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