Editor’s Top Ten Picks

EditorspicksOk, here’s yet another opportunity to impose my records on you with the latest top ten picks.

1. Candie Payne ‘All I Need To Hear– A cracking little seven that needs to be snapped up quick (try ebay) as a limited run of 500 was pressed. A soulful Memphis pop song that takes in Dusty, Stereolab, Broadcast and The United States of America all in one. Fabulous.

2. Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy ‘The Letting Go’ – Cracking new long player from Will Oldham. Epic country melts into heart-breaking folk with his strongest album yet.

3. Pink Floyd ‘Piper At The Gates Of Dawn’ – With Syd’s recent passing, it’s time to go back to his finest hour. ‘Interstellar Overdrive’ never sounded so good.

4. Ivor Cutler ‘Jammy Smears’ – Perfect nonesense from another recently departed genius. While Velvet Donkey gets all the praise, ‘Jammy Smears’ knocks it into a cocked hat.

5. The Monks ‘Black Monk Time’ – Incredible, abrasive, groovy… the essential garage punk LP that is a must for any fan of tuff sixties vinyl. Originals are fetching over £500 in some circles, but re-issues are available.

6. Kes Soundtrack by John Cameron – Pastoral folk genius from one of the greatest films ever made. A limited run from Trunk Records sees this much deserved re-issue claiming new hearts. Nick Drake fans apply here.

7. Cecil Leuter ‘Pop Electronique #2’ – With Luke Vibert doing his darnedest to revive the Library records market, it’s worth giving a shout to the master of them all. Cecil Leuter (real name Roger Roger) creates a wondrous wonky funk with mind frying electronics… analogue burps fall down circuit board steps accompanied by psych-funk. You need. Thank the stars for a Jazzman repress.

8. Kathryn Williams ‘Leave to Remain’ – A gorgeous folk LP with sniffs of filthy country. Kathryn creates her career best, and lead single ‘Hollow’ will leave you on your back like a stranded turtle. Ace.

9. Los Yorks ’67 – Wonky garage punk from Latin America (possibly) with tremendous results. ‘Hunky Panki’ (nee Hanky Panky) is a cooking floor filler, and the York’s superbly tackle The Box Tops’ ‘The Letter’ (La Carta) and the evrgreen standard ‘Sunny’. Find it where you can.

10. Sagittarius ‘Present Tense’ – Still on the turntable, 5 years after buying it, Present Tense marks a peak in sixties bubblegum rock. Psychedelic FX bleed through gorgeous strings and songs about frog princes and the seasons. A beautiful LP that will stun your ears. Once heard, and Curt Boettcher will never be forgotten.


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