Garage Punk Mayham with Count Five and their Psychotic Reaction

Count_fiveNo Garage collection is complete without the snotty brattish wails of the screaming Count Five. Psychotic Reaction (possibly the greatest song title ever) is a typical rock and roll mutant to be born of American frustrations, and a response to the Brit invasion. The title track is without doubt, one of the finest examples in its genre. The track, Psychotic Reaction veers from pathetic bedroom pining (on a bed of wiry guitars and thumping bass drums) to the positively evil middle section which spirals outta control before hooking you back in with a punch to the stomach.

Also featured on this killer LP is the all cooking, 200 mph, ear melting fuzz of Double Decker Bus. The track is a pure adrenaline rush, and screams right past yer and is gone before you can catch your breath.

Not averse to donning Dracula cloaks, and spooking out the local hippies, the band come with minimal skill, and maximum attitude… punk before punk and genius to boot. Sidestepping the cute but not great cover of The Who’s ‘My Generation’, Side Two opens with the cracking ‘Piece Of Mind’ which kicks off in typical Count Five fashion… evil bass… brain splitting drums, before segueing into backward guitars and fierce garage riffs.

If it’s good enough for Lester Bangs, it’s certainly good enough for me.

Mof Gimmers


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