MySpace Artist of the week – Those Poor Bastards

ThosepoorbastardsThose Poor Bastards aren’t so much a band. They’re a countrified jihad on stadium country and western acts who have sucked the very soul out of the great genre. Garth Brooks – beware. TPB soak in real bluegrass, fiddles and banjos… and mix it with a humour blacker than boiling tar. Oh, and they have a hangman in the band too.

Black Dog Yodel shows off lead singer Lonesome Wyatt‘s voice the best, with a diseased drawl that puts the fear of something dreadful in you. It’s magical. With Hell So Near is another grade A country tune which combines rockabilly with bluegrass… as well as their trademark evil undercurrent. 

Those Poor Bastards are to country what The Cramps are to rock’n’roll. Wiry, aggressive, accusatory… and a real love for the genre which they operate in… even if it is in the wilds on the outskirts. This band ought to be held aloft by an angry mob with pitch forks outside The Grand Ol’ Opry trying to get them in. Now, if only they’d put ‘Radio Country‘ on their MySpace page…’

To hear Those Poor Bastards, follow this link.

Mof Gimmers


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