Review – Le Beat Bespoke 2 (Various Artists)

Lebeatbespoke2Despite the terrible LP cover, Le Beat Bespoke 2 contains some of the finest music ever cut to wax. From the off, the pace of the compilation is relentless. The Poppys Hauted House track, ‘Dude’ is a blistering hammond/fuzz stomper that is destined for some wild shapes on Friday night dancefloors. Vicious organ (a la Brian Auger or early Deep Purple) is quick, meaty, beaty, big and bouncy. Pass the amphetemines.

After the head rush of ‘Dude’, ‘Springtime’ by Jimmy Thomas (better known for Northern Soul efforts) keeps up the quick. Another souly guitar fuzzer, this is a bona fide dancer gem. A must for a DJ box, or indeed, anyone who is after something for the headphones to spring them down the street.

The comp slows down slightly with the bubbling ‘One, Two, Boogaloo’ by The Light Nites and The Palace Guards’ ‘Gas Station Boogaloo Downtown’. Things pick up again with the hip snapping ‘Too Many People’ by New Hudson Exit. A horny, psych drenched soul/funk/mod clunker. Chunky rhythms rub up against Northern/Motown harmonies with a blistering and cutting psych guitar snorts through the brass. Marvellous stuff.

Aside from the mod/freakbeaty stuff, garage is also touched with the rattling ‘Her Own Life’ by EG Smith and The Power. However, …The Power stands in the shadow of the magnificent Moody Five. Their cut, ‘Blue Tail Fly’ is an absolute monster. Sweeping up psych and prog, the track storms along with a thundering bassline and a proto break. A devestating track. The psych/prog feeling carries on with the even more impressive ‘So Right’ by Paul King. Super tripped out wah-wah stutters through go-go horns, and King gets dirty and soulful (a bit like Chris Farlowe on ‘Moanin’) in the middle of a funky soup.

The next stand out track is the impossible funk of ‘Little Louise’ by Shere Khan. The opening sounds like something that something the Def Jam camp would cherish. A filthy piano led break that charges into a psych/pop burner. Soulful vocals feature again (as is the running theme for this compilation) on a track that bleeds cool. Next up is a real cracker of a track. ‘Baluba Shake’ by Brunetta and the Balubas is catchier than mumps. An Italian pop/exotica/beat track which is guaranteed to spazz the dancers out there.

‘Berlin’ by Heidi Bruhl, far from being a depressive Lou Reed tribute, is a funky sassy Nancy Sinatra voxed number, which sounds like a theme from a spy flick. A cracking find, and yet another great dancer. The track segues into perhaps what this LP will be snapped up for. The ultra sought after ‘Run Shaker Life’ by Paul Nicholas (yes, that Paul Nicholas) which has been loved by beat lovers everywhere finally gets a popular release. Nicholas gets guttral to this Richie Havens famed tune, which has a huge breakdown and enough to hold just about any crowd in any club. Absolutely essential.

Basically, this is storming comp which covers loads of great overlooked European tracks, as well as going for US stuff. There’s more brilliant tracks here than in most DJs collection. Fuzz, psych, prog, beat, acid, Yeh-Yeh… it’s pretty much got everything under it’s marvellously eclectic roof. It’s a must buy, and will save you spending a million quid hunting the originals. Buy it. Buy it now.

Available from Circle Records and also as part of a twofer deal with LBB1.

Mof Gimmers

[via Modculture]


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