Candie Payne interview

Candiepayne Here at PopJunkie, Candie Payne has seen us refer to her brilliant ‘All I Need To Hear’ single as "a soulful Memphis pop song that takes in Dusty, Stereolab, Broadcast and The United States of America all in one. Fabulous" as well as "PopJunkie’s newest fave girl keeps hitting pop-noir
gold. Gathering everything from Dusty to Serge, Candie creates a
wonderful chic pop that echoes everything that is great about having
ears," before adding "certainly set for huge things".

If you haven’t guessed, we’re big fans of this girl. With an LP and single due out early next year, we caught up with Candie to have a chat about her influences, her new video, the birth of pop-noir and her lack of groupies. To see an unofficial vid for her new single, set for release in February, click here and read on for the interview.

Hello Candie. How are you and what are you up to at the minute?

I’m very well, thank-you for asking… at the moment I am listening to Pet Sounds whilst clearing out my flat in preparation for Christmas… and I’m
getting ready to film the vid for ‘I Wish I Could Have Loved You More’
on Monday.

When does the single come out?

It’s out at the end of February.

You’re hail from Liverpool and as we know, Liverpool is the land of The Beatles, Lee Mavers, The Coral, Echo & The Bunnymen, and more recently Pop Levi. Does Liverpool’s heritage help shape your sound or is it something completely yours?

I do indeed hail from Liverpool, however i was partly brought up in New York. I think Liverpool has an incredible musical heritage, but I
wouldn’t say it has shaped my sound. I am inspired by classic, and
brilliant songwriting by the likes of The Beatles and The La’s, but its
not because I’m from Liverpool. The thing that’s cool about coming from Liverpool and our music
scene is that we dont give a shit for trends, musically or otherwise. We judge music on whether it’s good… not whether its fashionable.

Amen to that. So if Liverpool doesn’t influence you per se, what does influence your music? Dusty? Nancy Sinatra? Serge? Broadcast? Chaka Demus and Pliers?

I’m influenced by all sorts… I get insperation from books quite often. I
have never tried to sound like anyone else with my voice, but I am
concious of trying not to over sing. I am a fan of singers like Billie Holiday and Bill Withers who interpreted songs without trying to show
off with vocal gymnastics. They just felt it so you do when you listen
to them and you believe them.

There’s a bit too much of the histrionics knocking about isn’t there?

I think a lot of singers nowadays think that running up and down
scales on their knees portrays soul, but Roberta Flak can hold a
straight note in tune that gives you shivers… without having to resort
to theatrics.

Your singles have been getting rave reviews (most certainly from us at least). Is the LP going to be vastly different from them?

I think that if you like the singles so far, you will be into the album.

Any plans to tour the LP?

I will be touring with The Bees from February 19th to March 9th and I’ll be
doing an album launch gig/party on the 5th of March at Bush Hall in London.

Here at PopJunkie, we’ve been calling your music ‘Pop-Noir’ for ages now. How would you describe your music to someone who has never heard of Candie Payne?

I think ‘pop-noir’ is the most adequate description of my music to date so I’ll go with that!

Great! I’ll get it trademarked! Now, forgive me for what I’m about to say, but, you’re an attractive young lady and I can imagine that you have men fawning over you post gig. It must get annoying…

Nothing to forgive! I dont get harrassed by blokes at all… at gigs or
otherwise. There is one guy called Steve who has been to all my gigs
and stands right at the front… his attention
seems to be comletely none pervy and he seems really nice. My
band got the come on from some guy a few weeks back which was quite
alarming. I felt quite left out!

It’s probably a good sign that people are concentrating on the music then. How long have you been at this pop game? Has it all been a bit sudden or is it something that you’ve worked at for years and years?

I have been concentrating on music for about 5 years now, and before
that I worked in a vintage clothes shop, I went to art college, I did
some modelling… Before music I wanted to be an illustrater or a fashion
designer but I despised art college. I never wanted to get into music
because it’s what my big brothers did… and I was more obviously talented
in art. I really wanted to forge my own path away from them, but it’s
obviously in my bones so I gave in… and I’m glad I did!

So what’s next for Candie Payne?

Next for me is a lot of hard work and making the most of whatever happens next year.

Candie Payne’s ‘I Wish I Could Have Loved You More’ is out at the end of February with the album following it up on the 5th of March

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  1. AnnaWaits Says:

    Cool interview, checked her out on myspace. Cool stuff. Really like one of her ‘top friends’ Daisy Martey too, from the minute or so I’ve listened to so far 😉

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